Clinical Supervision

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Students are expected to develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes as they progress through the three sequential practicums.  As their proficiencies increase, preceptors may allow more autonomy in the clinical setting.  Preceptor should observe to their satisfaction, any element of the encounter that is more independently assigned to the student. Preceptors retain full responsibility and liability for all patient encounters. Please review the following general guideline for supervision levels.

APN Practicum I: Students are in the beginning stages of knowledge development and role transition as an NP.  Students should initially spend time observing the preceptor and require close supervision/direction as they adjust to the new role and setting.  As skills and proficiencies increase, the preceptor may allow more autonomy to perform basic elements. APN I Expectations

APN Practicum II: Students should have foundational knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the nurse practitioner role. They should be able to perform history/exam, present to preceptor, develop differential diagnoses, and begin to discuss potential management plans.  Students should become more competent in analyzing and prioritizing data.  Less supervision and direction should be needed by the end of this practicum. APN II Expectations

APN Practicum III: Students skill set should be proficient by the end of this practicum.  The student should require minimal direction and supervision in performing all role functions of the advanced practice nurse. APN III Expectations