Time Management Strategies

  • Begin each day with a “huddle” to review the schedule or plan for the day, if a schedule is already set determine which patients are most appropriate for the student to see
  • Set expectations regarding activities and time allotment for each patient encounter i.e. “It should take you about 10 minutes to obtain the HPI for Mr. Jones.”
  • Summarize and clarify information that the student has presented when seeing the patient instead of repeating entire encounter
  • Work together during patient encounters, i.e. student obtains HPI while the preceptor document orders, labs or meds or reviews the chart. Next visit have student complete opposite activities
  • Use focused teaching techniques instead of lectures
  • Block “catch up” time at the end of sessions if possible
  • Have student present findings in patient’s room if appropriate
  • Remember the student does not need to see every patient that you see during the day
Two people standing in a doctor's office, one in a white coat one in scrubs