Feedback & Evaluations

Feedback: Feedback is an objective appraisal of performance intended to improve practice and performance.  Feedback is a fundamental component of the teaching and learning process.  Feedback is generally informal and provided more immediately.

EvaluationsNationally established competencies are the basis for the student evaluations. These competencies are not individual to the School of Nursing, they reflect the nationally identified entry to practice competencies (Appendix F). Evaluations are a more formal process that examines the global performance to determine the degree of knowledge and skills gained. Use of professional standards/scope of practice, standards of care along with course and students’ learning objectives will assist in the evaluation process. Preceptors should set aside some time to review the mid-term and final evaluations with the student privately. Ideally feedback and open communication are provided throughout the semester and there are no surprises during the evaluation (Appendix H)