Planning for a Clinical Practicum

Setting Up the Clinical Practicum

Prior to the first day, it will be beneficial to have a brief discussion with your student.  This could be accomplished via phone call, Skype, or in person at your convenience. You may ask the student for their resume or CV prior to this discussion.  The discussion may include the following:

  • Your background, patient population, usual teaching styles, special interest, and challenges you face in the clinical setting
  • The student’s professional background, interests, preferred learning style, and learning objectives.
  • Days and times for the clinical experience along with any known interference in your schedule ie: meetings, vacations, conferences, etc.

First Clinical Day

  • Introduce your student to team members and staff
  • Orient student to the site including bathrooms, lunchroom, and where to store personal belongings
  • Allow student to “shadow” for a minimum of one day
  • “Huddle” with student at the beginning of each session to review appropriate patients for the day.
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