Preceptor Role Overview

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  • Provide a supportive learning environment
  • Provide clinical instruction congruent with course objectives
  • Review student's personal clinical learning goals.
  • Socialize student to the NP role.
  • Evaluate student's performance and complete evaluations at mid-term and end of semester.
  • Communicate with faculty if there are any questions or concerns.


  • Maintain professional appearance, demeanor, and confidentiality throughout clinical learning goals.
  • Review clinical learning goals with preceptors and faculty.
  • Collaborate with preceptor for all care provided to patients.
  • Maximize learning by being prepared for clinical and having learning resources available.
  • Negotiate individual learning needs as skill set advances.


  • Maintain communication between clinical practice site, preceptor, student, and the school of nursing.
  • Guide student's learning experiences and progression.
  • Evaluate student's performance with input from preceptors.
  • Conduct a clinical site visit at least one time per semester.
  • Review student tracking system (Typhon) on a weekly basis.
  • Grade coursework and determine final semester grade.