Tips for Teaching Effective Documentation

Documentation of patient encounters and clinical time (AGACNP, AGPCNP, & FNP students)

  • Students must log ALL encounters with patients where the student has provided some element of care in a HIPPA compliant fashion in the web based tracking system (Typhon NPST). This includes if the participation level was any portion of the following: history, physical examination, development/implementation of the plan of care.
    • Documentation must be complete within the week the encounter occurred.
    • Students must include all the required documentation elements as identified in the Typhon NPST Student User Guide (PDF within HuskyCT).
    • Clinical practicum faculty will review these patient encounter documents on a weekly basis and either approve/not approve the entry. Not approved entries must be addressed by the student within one week of return by the faculty.

Documentation of clinical hours

  • Students are responsible to log all clinical hours on the day they occur.
  • Clinical hours are those hours spent in direct patient care (see glossary of terms). Lunch time, in-service/grand rounds or course related documentation are not counted as clinical time.
  • Typhon NPST Reports on clinical hours are due to the clinical practicum faculty at mid & end of semester.